Booyah Breaks the Internet!

Due to the continued presence of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the next few months, our Board of Directors has decided that we will not be able to go to Watermarks Camp for Camp Booyah 2020. We are so sad that we will not be together in one location this summer for Camp Booyah, but we are excited that we will be together virtually!!! That’s right!!! We will all be able to gather together for….

Booyah Breaks the Internet!!!

We are busy planning fun things that we will do during that week! However in the mean time, here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • A package will arrive on your doorstep the week of June 7th! This will have all the gear you will need for Booyah Breaks the Internet. (Make sure we have your current address on file.)
  • Dates: June 14 – 19, 2020
  • Inspirational Talks
  • Music from some amazing musicians
  • Games – Yes! There will be prizes for the winners!
  • Fun Activities
  • Programs – will it be Stoked Steve and Rip It Ricky, Barry and Larry, or someone new?
  • Cabin Time – like other years, but just virtually!

Registration: If you signed up for Camp Booyah 2020 and paid your $99 deposit, then you are all set for Booyah Breaks the Internet!

Check back frequently for more info!